It has always been felt that wooden dishes are the safest way to prepare and serve food (various types of pens, worktops, bowls, plates, mugs, spatula or cutlery for cutting and preparation). This logic of thinking is certainly somewhat correct since the wood is a natural material.

Inevitably, however, when cutting foodstuffs on objects made of wood, in time, slight damage occurs on the surface of the elements. Due to the direct contact of certain types of foods with the open surface of the substrate, certain biological or chemical processes that alter the characteristics of foods, which may have a negative impact on its quality during subsequent consumption, occur.

By conventional hygiene procedures (washing, cleaning and drying), food juices and fats can not be completely removed from the substrate pores, but remain stored for the next use. In this way, the development of various microorganisms develops and starts the process of rotting, which leads to secondary contamination of foods that are processed or served on "contaminated" surfaces. Therefore, it is recommended to occasionally eat wooden dishes with special oil for the treatment of wooden articles in contact with food. Only oil for wood in contact with foods was a colorless impregnation based on purified plant and mineral oil with the addition of aromatic oils and other additives.

The durability of surfaces treated with special oil depends on the frequency of use, the purpose, and the way of preparing food.

Regular refreshment and maintenance can be done as often as needed (2 to 4 months recommended). The process is very simple and involves mild grinding (in order to open the surface and remove the deposits of grease and dust) and then apply a new coat of the same coating.

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