Cutting and serving food is a unique product without which a modern home can not be imagined. In addition to being indispensable in the kitchen and a practical tool, a quality, beautiful and well-maintained cutting board tells a lot about its owner or owner. The main function of the kitchen boards is cutting food - bread, meat, fruits and vegetables - with a knife. There are professional boards designed for cutting leather or rubber, or feeding other tools - say clockwork, but the ordinary kitchen plank is adapted to the dimensions and shape of its basic purpose.

The board can also be used for treating meat with a hammer to make it smoother while saving, because in such situations the hammer does not come in direct contact with the board and there is no chance that it will be damaged. What should be considered is the protection of the bottom of the board in contact with the work surface, especially if the cutting board does not have its own rubberized protection.

The food can be served on the board, either alone or in a bowl if it is hot. However, it should be kept in mind that this is not the basic purpose for her, and that long exposure to high heat can damage her.

Why is the wooden board best for the kitchen?

Wooden plank is an ideal cutting edge because its natural material protects knives from excessive wear, cracking or breaking. Artificial materials can be too hard or abrasive so that the blade is quickly damaged, and often unaware and breaks if it is acting too high on the top.

On the other hand, the kitchen board is ideal for its characteristics. Wood fibers naturally grow and fill furrows created using what artificial materials are not able to. If it is regularly maintained, its lifetime can be multi-century. The problem can only arise with the use of toothed blades that additionally damage the wood, but this is not something to which other materials are immune

Which tree is best?

All wood is not made equal. To make cutting boards, too soft materials are not recommended because they are difficult to wash and can keep the microparticles of impurities in themselves. This can be a problem because long-term impurities can cause cracks in the tree, which reduces their shelf life considerably.

Also, there are wood that can be allergen in certain situations or circumstances and the manufacture of items used in the kitchen for handling food is by no means recommended. Mostly these are tropical trees that are not from our area.

All boards in our offer are made of high quality materials and are absolutely safe for everyday use.

Cutting wheels must not be allowed to be washed in the dishwasher nor allowed to be immersed in the water for a prolonged period of time, as this may affect the wood and adhesive used in the manufacture and cause damage. After washing the boiler, wipe it and leave it dry to dry.

It is recommended that several times a year the cutting board is treated with natural oils that are stored and prolonged by its shelf life. It is very important that these oils are safe for use in food production! Common edible oils are not ideal for this function because they can leave the smell of food that can be further transferred to food.

In the event of deeper damage to the wood, it is recommended that the board be surface treated and leveled, as bacteria may be found in hard-to-peak cracks.

Each cutting board in our offer is protected by quality natural oils that are safe for use in food and meet all the requirements of the competent institutions, which is confirmed by the certificates of safety of use.