We offer you the applying a lacquer finish on a wooden table, chair and other furniture and woodwork. Quality design and finishing of all wooden products is our trademark.

Even the highest quality lacquer have their own shelf life. After a few years, it is necessary to overlay the carpentry again to maintain its quality, but also lovely look.

Proper selection of lacquer can highlight all the qualities of wood from which the furniture was made. With wood lacquer, the furniture gets a high gloss, the intensity of paint increases, and the woodwork is protected against impurities, water and various types of damage. At least two coats of lacquer are applied, but some pieces should have three or four layers.

Type of lacquer is also essential. If you want a piece of furniture to be processed in a certain way, such as wood lacquer finish spraying, we can do it for you. If, however, you are not sure what is best for your furniture, let our carpenters decide on this and take the best care of your wooden furniture.

Lasersko graviranje drveta

Lasersko Graviranje

Lasersko Graviranje

Lasersko graviranje