The more often mentioned concept when it comes to processing different materials is engraving. This process represents a kind of art in the field of cutting and engraving hard surfaces.

The name of the procedure - CNC engraving comes from the English name Computer Numerical Controlled and, simply put, is a computer-driven engraving. This means that the machine can do anything that comes to your mind, and that it has been previously done in a computer program for that purpose.

Engraving an object is a technique that was previously done manually to engrave a certain inscription on objects or to decorate them. In order to do it well, it was necessary for the master to be skilled. However, even then there was a possibility of error.

CNC engraving is actually a modern type of former engraving in which the possibility of something going wrong is almost nonexistent. Although it looks like everything is automated, however, CNC machines are such that they can not be handled by anyone, but only by those who are trained for it.

With CNC engraving you can get 3D objects in whatever form you want, labels on a subject of varying depths, as well as relief decorations.

Everything is done with extremely high precision, so CNC engraving makes it possible to make ordinary wooden objects unique. When talking about the area of ​​our company's work, it means that, for example, you can get a board for cutting and serving food in the form of honey with appropriate consultation.


Lasersko graviranje drveta

Lasersko Graviranje