* Production of the model by order (icons, frames, furniture parts, double-sided tools, machine parts, coats of arms, pendants and other large selection of different ready-made models).

* Production of the model by order and customer's desire. (whatever you think, we can make and transfer into reality)

* Preparation of necessary programs and workings either on our or your machine.

* Our CNC machine is primarily intended for the woodworking industry. Its construction was designed to satisfy even the most rigorous conditions of exploitation.

The basic models are such that their functionality becomes an indispensable link in the process of single and minor serial production, while with their additional equipment are powerful CNC machining centers which, with their speed and simplicity of handling, enable the production of extremely high production circuits. In addition to materials based on wood, materials such as: acrylic plates (plexiglas, klirit), solid or solid polycarbonate plates (Lexan), composite Alubond (Dibond) panels, trespas, polyurethane panels such as Forex and foam carton can be processed as well as elastic PVC materials such as juvidor.

* Design according to your needs and ideas

* Updates on your finished models with the creation of g-codes

* Vector drawings for the needs of CNC machines.

* Criminalistic cutting is most common in furniture design, but also in other areas, depending on what you need.

* With CNC machine we have a great advantage which allows us to make furniture of different shapes and dimensions.

Now the furniture can be a specific and authentic design. This way you can rearrange your home and office furniture and have unique tables, chairs, shelves and other pieces of furniture, tailor made to your extent, ideas and dimensions.

* Our CNC machine uses a high quality diamond grinder so that the edges are friable and smooth.

* Possibility of making different shapes and sizes in line with the needs of the client

* Materials are made of: medium, plastic, aluminum, styrofoam, wood, univer.

* Engraving is a technical process of engraving various shapes on the hard, usually flat surface, by making the recess in it. Our company is engaged in the production of engravings of different sizes depending on your needs, from very small to very large.

* Engraving is done based on your drawings or pictures.

* Engraving is performed in different dimensions - from very small to very large.

* Large selection of materials for engraving.

* Engraving according to your wishes and custom, whether the engraving is simple or complicated.

* Your only need to bring a sketch or drawing and dimensions, and we will transfer your idea to the selected material.